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Wire Swing Testing Machine

The wire swing testing machine meets the provisions of UL817 and other relevant standards "General safety requirements for flexible wire components and power cords". It is suitable for the bending test of power cord and DC line by relevant manufacturer and quality inspection department. The machine is specially designed to test the folding strength of the plug outlet line and cable. The speed is collected by the photoelectric sensor and transmitted to the digital display table. The value can be read by directly adjusting the stepless governor.

Test method: 

The test method is to fix the test material on the fixture, and add a certain load, the fixture swings left and right, after a certain number of times, check its broken line rate, or to no power, check its total number of times, can stop working by itself.

Product parameters:

Test rate: 10-60 times/min adjustable
Detection function: Check the number of conduction times
Number of bends: 0-999999 can be preset
Weight: 50\100\200\300\500g four of each
Volume: 85*60*75cm
Approximate weight 100kg
Working position: Perform 6 plug lead tests at a time
Bending Angle: Adjustable from 10° to 180°




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