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  • Characteristics and Structure of Cold and Hot Shock Test Chamber Products
    The thermal shock test chamber is mainly used in the fields of electronics, aviation, automotive, metal, military, LED, circuit board, scientific research, etc., to test material structures or composite materials. It can withstand the chemical changes or physical damage caused by thermal expansion a   Read More>
  • Advantages of Three Coordinate Measuring Machines and Methods for Reducing Needle Errors
    Three coordinate measuring machines are mainly used in industrial metrology applications such as automotive parts industry, injection mold industry, 3C electronics industry, cutting and tool industry, precision machining industry, etc., including product inspection and fixture inspection. Using comp   Read More>
  • method for rapid inspection and avoidance of positioning errors in electronic universal testing machines
    The electronic universal testing machine is mainly suitable for testing metal and non-metallic materials, such as rubber, plastic, wires and cables, fiber optic cables, safety belts, belt composite materials, plastic profiles, waterproof rolls, steel pipes, copper profiles, spring steel, bearing ste   Read More>
  • The xenon lamp aging test chamber should be set up according to requirements and precautions before use
    The xenon lamp aging test chamber uses xenon arc lamps that can simulate the full spectrum of sunlight, reproducing destructive light waves present in different environments. It can provide corresponding environmental simulation and accelerated testing for scientific research, product development, a   Read More>
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