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Characteristics and Structure of Cold and Hot Shock Test Chamber Products

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The thermal shock test chamber is mainly used in the fields of electronics, aviation, automotive, metal, military, LED, circuit board, scientific research, etc., to test material structures or composite materials. It can withstand the chemical changes or physical damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the sample in the shortest possible time under extremely low temperature continuous environment. The instrument is divided into three parts: a cold storage room, a heat storage room, and a testing room. The tested product is placed in the laboratory. The forced cold and hot air circuit switching method is used to enter the laboratory, in order to achieve instantaneous temperature changes.

Product characteristics of cold and hot shock test chambers:

1. The instrument adopts an exclusively designed liquid nitrogen reserved interface; It has a very low (below -65 ° C) experiment for subsequent user upgrades.

2.3D full parameter modeling, intelligent and efficient, PC virtual assembly is performed before manufacturing to ensure perfect functionality without design omissions.

3. Adopting the internationally advanced PID+SSR control method, which controls temperature through infinitesimal automatic adjustment of PID output, achieving constant temperature.

4.Adopting imported high-precision color touch screen controller, it can switch between Chinese and English.

5. The main accessories of the entire machine are all from internationally renowned brands, which improves or guarantees the overall quality of the equipment.

6. Equipped with R232485, USB data interface and supporting LAN (network port) communication, convenient for remote monitoring and data collection.

7. Adopting internationally popular energy-saving control methods, automatically adjusting the refrigeration power of the compressor reduces energy consumption by 30% compared to traditional heating balance control.

8. The box is processed by CNC machine tools, with a beautiful and elegant appearance. It adopts a non reaction door handle, which is easy to operate, safe and reliable.

9. A comprehensive safety protection device, if there is a malfunction, the screen will immediately display the fault status and automatically shut down, effectively protecting the safety of operators.

Structure of cold and hot shock test chamber:

1、 The cold and hot shock test chamber adopts an integral combination structure, which consists of a high temperature box located at the upper part, a low temperature box located at the lower part, a refrigeration unit cabinet located at the rear, and an electrical control cabinet (system) located on the left rear panel. This method has a small footprint, compact structure, and beautiful appearance. The refrigeration unit is placed inside an independent unit box to reduce the impact of vibration and noise during the operation of the refrigeration unit on the test box. At the same time, it is convenient for the installation and maintenance of the unit. The electrical control panel is placed on the left panel of the test box for easy operation.

2、 The inner wall material of the cold and hot impact test box is imported SUS304 stainless steel plate, which is corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, and aesthetically pleasing.

3、 The outer wall material of the cold and hot impact test box is high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, with the surface treated with electrostatic spraying.

4、 Insulation material: High quality ultra-fine glass fiber cotton, imported non flammable PU.

5、 Observation window: Open a 350 * 250mm electric heating coating moisture-proof and temperature isolation observation window on the door of the upper box (high-temperature box).

6、 Sample holder: Static stainless steel sample holder.

7、 Load capacity of sample rack: ≥ 50KG.

8、 Cable threading hole: A cable threading hole with a diameter of 50mm in the middle of the test box sample holder.

9、 Laboratory lighting device: explosion-proof lamp.

10、 Cooling water tower: located near the equipment for easy access to inlet and outlet pipes.

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