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  • Steam aging test chamber
    It is suitable for the aging accelerated life time test before the tin wetting test of metal pins of electronic components in the component industry; semiconductor, passive components, component pins Oxidation test. Microcomputer temperature controller, LED digital display, PID+SSR control, platinum   Read More>
  • Salt spray test chamber
    The Salt spray test chamber is to test the corrosion resistance of all kinds of surface treatment, including coating, electroplating, organic and inorganic leather, anodic treatment, antirust oil and other anticorrosive treatments.   Read More>
  • Salt dry and wet composite corrosion test chamber
    Salt dry and wet composite corrosion test chamber through the assessment of the salt spray corrosion ability of materials and their protective layer, as well as similar protective layer process quality comparison, at the same time can assess the ability of some products to resist salt spray corrosio   Read More>
  • Three cabinet temperature shock test chamber
    Three cabinet temperature shock test chamber is widely used as a necessary testing equipment for R&D departments of enterprises such as electronic components, aerospace, semiconductors, optical fibers, metals, plastics, and scientific research. It is used to test material structures and composite ma   Read More>
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