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Tracking Test Machine

leakage marking testing machine: electronic and electrical products are affected by moisture and impurities, different polarity between the charged body or between the charged body and the earth metal may produce leakage, arc will cause breakdown short circuit of electronic and electrical products or due to discharge to electrical erosion of materials, even ignition fire. Leakage marking tester is suitable for simulating the above situation of a destructive test on the material, to measure and assess the insulation under the specified voltage, under the action of water containing impurities relative leakage marking ability.
Timing device 9999 x0. 1 s Drop interval adjustable
Drop height 30~40mm Drip delay 0.2S (solenoid valve opening time)
Drop size 45~50 drops /cm3 Electrode specification 5±2mm
Electrode spacing 4 ±0.1 mm Electrode pressure 1±0.05 N
Electrode Angle 60 ° Closed circuit voltage drop 8% Max
Short-circuit current 1±0.1A 1% Test voltage range 100~600V 1.5%
Electrical parameter 1KW/220VAC/40-60Hz Working volume >0.5 M3
Delay circuit 0.2±0.1S (at 1.0A) 29±0.1s (after number of completions)



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