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Glow Wire Testing Machine

Glow-wire tester simulates the thermal stress caused by heat source or ignition source such as glow-element or overload resistance in a short period of time under fault or overload conditions to assess the fire risk of products. Suitable for fire hazard test and combustion performance test of electrical and electronic products, household appliances and their materials.

Equipment Description: 

Parts of electrical and electronic equipment may be exposed to overheating stress due to the action of electricity, and their deterioration may reduce the safety performance of the equipment. These parts should not be unduly affected by heat and fire generated within the equipment. Parts of insulating materials or other solid combustible materials that are prone to flame spread within the equipment may ignite due to hot wires or hot elements. Ignition occurs under certain conditions, such as fault current flowing through wires, component overload, and hot components with poor contact.

Product parameters:

Glow-wire temperature: adjustable from room temperature to 1000℃
Nichcr and Nical (K) armored wire thermocouple with nominal diameter of 00.5mm (consumable products, not within the scope of warranty)
Glow-wire is a ring made of nickel/chromium (80/20) wire with a diameter of 4mm±0.04mm
Keep 1N± 0.2N pressure between the glowing wire and the test product, and limit the pressing depth to 7±0.5mm
The application time (Ta) of the hot wire to the test product is adjustable in the range of 0-99 minutes and 99 seconds. Generally, it is set at 30 seconds according to the standard requirements, and there is a timer to measure the ignition duration (Ti) and flame extinguishing time (Te)
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) : 105cm x1625px x 3375px (stainless steel or baking paint)
Studio volume: 0.5 cubic meters (other sizes can be customized)
Case material: paint/stainless steel
Working power supply: AC 220V /50Hz



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