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Alcohol Abrasion Tester

multifunctional friction testing machine is suitable for TV remote control button screen printing, plastic, mobile phone shell, earphone shell division screen printing, battery screen printing, keyboard printing, wire screen printing, leather and other kinds of electronic products surface of oil spray, screen printing and other printing body for wear resistance, evaluation of the degree of wear resistance. The machine can be used for alcohol or other liquid media and cotton cloth friction test, rubber friction test, pencil hardness friction test three typical wear tests. This machine is the friction hammer in a certain test load, test times, test stroke to the product back and forth test.

Product features:

1. The box adopts electrostatic paint treatment, the work surface and friction fixture are sandblasted with aluminum material, which has strong corrosion resistance, tight structure, reasonable design, beautiful and generous machine, safe, stable and accurate operation;

2, the number of tests can be preset, with power off memory function, the test speed and stroke can be adjusted, user-friendly design, speed, frequency LCD display, convenient and intuitive;

3, with multifunctional test, can be alcohol or other liquid and cotton cloth, erasers, pencils, steel needle friction test.

Product parameters:

Test station: two Test load: 50~1000g
Test stroke: 10~60mm (manual adjustable)
Test speed: 5~60 times/min (knob adjustment, LCD display)
Test counter: 0-99999999 times (preset, LCD display)
To carry a heavy weight: Two each of 10g, 20g, 50g, 100g, 200g and 500g
Friction media: Standard cotton cloth, an eraser, China 2B pencil two
Alcohol or other liquid abrasives: two
Eraser friction machine: two Pencil friction machine: two
Machine size (LxWXH) : 500×450×600mm
Working power supply: AC220V、50HZ




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