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Cnc Marking Stud Welding Compound Machine

stainless steel cabinets, wind energy generator rooms, galvanized sheets, large and various welding nail products

Suitable products: 

stainless steel cabinets, wind energy generator rooms, galvanized sheets, large and various welding nail products.

Product Usage:

The equipment adds a 50W pulse laser and an automatic spray system on the basis of 6 automatic welding torches. The main function of the laser is to remove the zinc layer at the nailing position before nailing the galvanized sheet, which not only ensures the firmness of the welding but also ensures The original characteristics of the zinc plate; the laser can also be used for flat marking. Automatic lubrication is automatic spray before welding to remove welding slag around the welding stud. 6 automatic welding torches can automatically weld up to 6 kinds of welding studs of different sizes and 12 different lengths, which is the first choice for large and complex products.

Product parameter table:

Name content Name content
machine type HJ-200 drive Servo/Pneumatic
Maximum processing stroke/mm 2000*1500 Number of control axes 8
X, Y fastest moving speed 50m/min Z-axis travel welding 40mm
Maximum welding speed/min 30 pieces position 80mm
Gas source Gas consumption 0.3 M3/min Machining accuracy/m ±0.15 mm
pressure 0.6Mpa Repeat positioning accuracy/m 0.02mm
Energy storage welding machine/set 1 Bed structure Longmen double drive
Automatic welding torch/table 6 Platform pad Bakelite
Automatic nail feeder/station 6 Working power 380V/50HZ
Stud diameter/mm 3-8 Total power/KW 6
Stud length/mm 6-30 Machine weight/kg 1300
Press plate clamp quantity/PCS 6 Length (including shelves)*width*height/mm 4000*2300*1700
Pulse laser/W 50 Laser marking efficiency/min 20-30 holes


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