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Mattress Rolling Hardness And Edge Pressure Three Comprehensive Testing Machine

The national standard mattress comprehensive testing machine is a machine designed to simulate the constant rolling of human beings during sleep. The rolling durability adopts a rolling loading module placed in the horizontally placed mattress loading part, rolling at a certain frequency, and testing the bed. The mattress is loaded back and forth to test the mattress's ability to withstand long-term repetitive rolling loads. The soft and hard surface test is to test the softness and hardness of the mattress to meet the requirements of various mattress manufacturers and standards. It is used to determine the quality and service life of mattresses and strictly abides by the requirements of national standards for mechanical testing. Suitable for strong spring mattresses, ordinary spring mattresses, foam mattresses, brown fiber elastic mattresses, etc.
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1. This equipment meets three test methods: pavement rolling durability test, softness and hardness test, and pad surface height test.
2. Use PLC control to achieve fully automatic test results, and control both fully automatic and manual test modes with one button.
3. The pavement rolling durability test part adopts a gantry mechanical structure, using high-thrust servo motors and high-precision heavy-load linear guides as transmission parts; a well-known brand touch screen must be used as input control to make the operation control more humane, concise and clear.
4. The roller loading in the pavement durability test uses linear sliding bearing free loading; the durability test uses loading block + linear sliding bearing free loading. Because there is only linear bearing rolling friction, the accuracy of the loading force can be guaranteed, so the loading force is more accurate. meet the standards.
5. Touch screen control display, powerful and intelligent.
6. Beautiful and elegant appearance: fully hidden wiring to prevent leakage during operation and the danger of any power system; the bearing surface is made of stainless steel plate with a smooth surface, which is convenient for loading mattresses; the all-steel plate base eliminates the need to drill holes to fix the ground, which is fully Ensure that the instrument does not shift or vibrate during operation.
7. Test the height of the pad surface using a servo motor as a driver. The test is performed at the speed specified in the standard. The curve between the force value of the loading pad pressurizing the specimen and the corresponding depression value is displayed, and the height is measured automatically.
8. The roller is made of special material with good wear resistance, smooth surface, no cracking or deformation, and long service life.
9. Positioning of the midpoint of the rolling test, automatically finding the midpoint of the mattress without manual repositioning, PLC starting point positioning.
10. Humanized control system with simple interface and complete functions. It uses a high-speed response touch screen and is easy to operate.
11. The test results can be printed out using a printer according to the file format required by the customer.
12. Data protection: Automatically saved after power outage (data can be automatically saved after power outage).

13. The base is made of high-strength industrial aluminum profiles and stainless steel SUS304 paving, which is durable and rust-free all year round.

Standards compliant:
The instrument complies with the mechanical testing requirements of GB/T 26706-2011 "Soft Furniture Brown Fiber Elastic Mattress"; QB/T 1952.2-2011 "Soft Furniture Spring Mattress" and BS EN 1957:2012 standards.

Product parameters

1. Control method: computer control
2. Pavement durability test device:
1) A mechanical device that can drive the roller to move relatively horizontally on the surface of the mattress: the rotational inertia moment of the roller is (0.5±0.05) Kgm2, the loading frequency should be (16±2) times/min, and the static load is (1400± 7) N, number of tests > 30,000 times;
2) Roller: oval, with an outer dimension tolerance of ±2mm, the surface should be hard, smooth, without scratches and other surface defects, the length is (1000±2)mm, the friction coefficient is between (0.2~0.5), the roller Chamfer: R30, maximum roller diameter: 300±1mm;
3) Motor: Japanese Panasonic servo motor;
4) Test stroke: 250mm on the left and right sides of the mattress centerline;
5) The accuracy of the force measuring device is not less than 1%, the accuracy of the dimensional device is not less than 1mm, and the position deviation of the loading block is ±5mm.
3. Height measuring device:
1) Height measurement accuracy: ±0.5mm;
2) Height measuring pad: The measuring surface is a flat and smooth rigid cylinder;
3) Measure the diameter of the pad: 100mm, chamfer R10;
4) Pad force application speed: 100±20mm/min;
5) Vertical downward force: Apply 4N force. At this time, the distance between the lower surface of the measuring surface of the circular cushion block and the flat plate is the height of the mattress's surface. Measurement height: the initial surface height of the mattress. Conduct 100 times and 29,900 durability tests. Then, measure the height of the pad surface respectively; height measurement system: Set the force value through the software, apply force vertically downward at a constant speed, and directly link to the PLC touch screen.
4.Softness and hardness testing device:
1) Loading pad: a rigid cylinder with a smooth surface and a diameter of 355mm. The end face is a convex spherical surface, the radius of curvature of the spherical surface is 800mm, and the radius of curvature of its front edge is 20mm;
2) Loading capacity: 1000N;
3) Operating speed during loading and unloading: (90±5) mm/min, the system can be set arbitrarily between 0.01-200mm/min;
4) Loading deflection curve: the relationship between the force value exerted by the loading pad on the specimen and the corresponding depression value;
5) The hardness value (Hy) of the mattress is the average slope of the loading deflection curve at 210N, 275N and 340N (ratio of loading force N and loading point depression depth mm);
6) Hardness grade: It expresses the softness and hardness of the product in the range of numbers 1 to 10; Hs=1 to 5 is a hard mattress (the smaller the number, the harder) Hs=6 to 10 is a soft mattress (the larger the number, the softer) );
5. Appearance: The main frame is made of high-grade industrial aluminum profiles. Each machine column is stacked with two aluminum profiles, and the connecting parts are painted with sheet metal. The machine drive device is on the machine table, and the gantry is fixed and loaded on the machine table. The four aluminum machine columns on the top ensure stable and quiet operation.
6. Test table material: The base is made of high-grade industrial aluminum profiles, and the table is made of stainless steel 304;
7. Test table height from the ground: 180mm
8. Overall dimensions: 3400*2500*2475mm (length*width*height)
9. Weight: about 3600kg
10. Power supply and power: AC220V 50HZ, 3KW
11. The maximum sample range that can be used to test a single mattress: 2400mm×2400mm×440mm
12. Operating system: one set each of manual and automatic systems, accessories: complete set of standard equipment (operating instructions, warranty card, indenter, etc.),
13.Softness and hardness display mode: numbers and text
14. The program screen can be selected from Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and English.
15. Can realize the control of force and displacement speed, display displacement and time, force-displacement maximum and minimum force and life curve (the change curve of the maximum force value and maximum displacement value of each channel in each cycle)
16. The unit of force value can be selected from kgf, lbf, kN, N.
17. Each force and displacement sensor can be calibrated in 10 segments, or single segment calibration can be used.
18. Reports can be output into Word, Excel, and PDF.
19. The test curve data will be recorded in the database. When the program is not running tests, the display curve can be called from the database.
20. Positioning of the midpoint of the rolling test, automatically finding the midpoint of the mattress without manual repositioning.


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