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Automatic Bursting Strength Testing Machine

Conforms to the relevant standards, adopts pneumatic clamping of the sample, liquid crystal display, and is suitable for the determination of the bursting strength of cardboard, corrugated cardboard and other sheet materials.


1. After the cardboard is crushed, it will automatically stop and return to the initial position;

2. Fully automatic one-button operation;

3. Can store 50 sets of data at the same time:

4. Equipped with micro printing, can print test results

5. Equipped with emergency stop button to improve operation safety:

6. Equipped with an air pressure gauge to monitor the pressure at any time;

7. High-definition LCD display.

8. Change the traditional glycerin + water method and use silicone oil instead, the machine is not easy to rust and prolongs the life of the machine.

Induction method pressure converter Clamp material Stainless steel
savings result With printing function, it can print 10 sets of data and automatically calculate the average value
Display method High-definition LCD screen display, digital A/D value input rate 100 times/S, high test accuracy
unit of force kgf/cm2, Lb/in2, Kpa (with unit switching function)
film resistance Raised 10mm, 170kPa~220kPa Raised 18mm, 250kPa~350kPa
measurement accuracy Indication error superior to ±1%FS
Indication volatility superior to ±1%
Measuring range 250~5600kPa resolution 1kPa
Hydraulic speed High pressure type 170±10ml/min Gripping force >690Kpa (adjustable)
Inner diameter of upper clamp ring hole ∅(31.5±005)mm Inner diameter of lower clamp ring hole ∅(31.5±0.05)mm
Upper Chuck Diameter 95mm Lower chuck diameter 135mm
Hydraulic oil silicone oil volume 430*530*520mm
weight approx. 70KG power supply 1∮,AC220V
Standard configuration 5 pieces of rubber film, 1 wrench, 10 calibration sheets, 1 bottle of silicone oil



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