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Izod Pendulum Impact Testing Machine

Izod Beam Impact Testing Machine Is Used To Measure The Impact Toughness Of Non-Metallic Materials Such As Plastics, Reinforced Nylon, Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics, Ceramics, Cast Stone, Plastic Electrical Appliances, And Insulating Materials. It Is A Common Equipment For Scientific Research Units, Colleges And Universities, And Non-Metallic Material Manufacturers To Carry Out Quality Inspection. This Machine Is An Instrument With Simple Structure, Convenient Operation And High Testing Accuracy.

Equipment Features: 

The Electronic Impact Testing Machine Adopts Circular Grating Angle Measurement Technology, Which Has The Characteristics Of High Precision, Good Stability And Large Measurement Range. It Can Digitally Measure Impact Strength, Pre-Elevation Angle, Lift Angle, And Average Value, Automatically Correct Energy Loss, And Print Test Reports.

Parameters Table

Impact velocity 2.9m/s, 3.5m/s Pendulum energy 1J, 2.75J, 5.5J, 11J
The pendulum raises the Angle 150 Distance from center of pendulum to impact blade 335mm
Impact blade to the upper plane of the pliers 22mm Radius of blade fillet R = 0.8 mm
The sample type conforms to GB1843-80 and IS0180-82 The machine conforms to the requirements of IS0179-- 92, GB1043-93 standard


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