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Thermal deformation vicat softening point tester

Thermal Deformation Vicat Tester Microcomputer-controlled thermal deformation and Vicat tester is designed to adapt to the rapid development of the plastics industry and to improve the research and testing level of materials. It uses computer technology and runs on the Windows XP operating platform. Operation makes the performance of the product more stable, and the operation is simple and clear.

1. Real-time display of test temperature and temperature-deformation curve;

2. During the test, by entering the size of the sample, the load mass required for the test can be automatically calculated;

3. The upper limit temperature and deformation can be set arbitrarily within the scope of use; it has the upper limit temperature protection function of automatic control;

4. Errors are automatically corrected by software;

5. The color of the test curve can be set arbitrarily, which can be displayed and hidden in real time, and the width and thickness of the curve can be arbitrarily converted;

6. When the test is completed or the upper limit temperature is reached, it has automatic protection function, automatic alarm, and automatically stops heating.

7. After the test, print the test curve and test report. Query the historical record of the test, and can redraw the test curve of the previous test.

8. The sample rack is automatically raised and lowered, and the sample is easy to install;

9. The standard sample holder is: 3 frames

10. The software has the function of doing two different tests of Vicat and thermal deformation on one machine



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