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Rotorless Vulcanization Testing Machine

The mold cavity is composed of upper and lower molds. The rubber sample is placed in the almost closed mold cavity and maintained at a certain temperature and pressure. One of the mold cavity vibrates at a frequency of 1.7Hz, and the amplitude is ±0.5º or ±1º. The oscillation of the mold cavity causes shear strain in the sample, and at the same time, the sample generates a reaction force (moment) in the opposite direction to the mold cavity, and the magnitude of the force value depends on the stiffness (shear modulus) of the compound. With the start of vulcanization, the stiffness of the rubber sample increases, and the reaction force (torque) measured by the force measuring mechanism will gradually rise to a stable value or a maximum value and be gradually displayed on the screen. At the same time, a corresponding torque and time can be seen A graph of the relationship, commonly referred to as the "curing curve". The shape of the curve and the test temperature are related to the properties of the compound. After the test, the data and curves will be automatically stored in the database. If you need to print, just click "Print". The shape of the cure curve depends on the temperature tested and the properties of the rubber specimen. In addition to the curve, the computer-controlled printer will print out the corresponding technical parameters.

a. High temperature control accuracy and wide range. (±0.1℃)

b. Clock programming function. (setting, modification time)

c. Advanced switching power supply with wide voltage regulation range.

d. Imported integrated circuits and control components.

e. All in Chinese and Chinese.

f. Meet the requirements of GB/T16584 (testing rubber vulcanization characteristics with a rotorless vulcanizer) and ISO6502.




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