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Thermogravimeter TGA differential thermal DTA synchronous comprehensive thermal detector

As a classical thermal analysis of thermal effects under a controllable programmed temperature, it has already been applied in various occasions such as research and development, process optimization, quality control and failure analysis in the fields of various materials and chemistry. Using DSC, we can study the phase transition of inorganic materials, the melting of polymer materials, the crystallization process, the polymorphism of polymorphism, and the solid/liquid phase ratio of foods such as oils and fats. It is generally used to measure physical and chemical changes related to heat, such as glass transition temperature, melting point, melting temperature, crystallization and crystallization heat, phase transition reaction heat, thermal stability of products, curing/crosslinking, oxidation induction period, etc.

1. The new fully enclosed metal furnace body design structure greatly improves the resolution and resolution and better baseline stability.

2. The alloy sensor is used, which is more anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, and has high sensor sensitivity.

3. The perfect two-way atmosphere control system controls the flow of the purge gas, the software settings are automatically switched, and the data is directly recorded in the database.

4. Using the Cortex-M3 core ARM controller, the processing speed is faster and the temperature control is better.

5. Using USB two-way communication, the operation is more convenient, and the self-recovery connection function is supported.

6. Adopt 7-inch 24bit color full-color LCD touch screen to display the status and data of the instrument in real time.

7. The instrument is equipped with standard materials, and the user can perform the calibration of each temperature section by himself to reduce the error of the instrument.

8. Intelligent software design, the instrument can automatically draw the whole process, and the software can realize various data processing, such as enthalpy calculation, glass transition temperature, oxidation induction period, melting point and crystallization of substances, etc.



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