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Carbon black content detector

The carbon black content tester is suitable for the determination of carbon black content in polyethylene, polypropylene and polybutene plastics. The test of carbon black is obtained by the gravimetric analysis of the sample after high temperature decomposition under nitrogen protection. The instrument has the advantages of convenient use, simple operation, accurate measurement, high precision and high degree of automation.

1. The instrument has a beautiful appearance and structure, and is easy to operate;

2. The furnace door structure is open type, which is convenient for placing the sample and determining the position of the sample;

3. High degree of automation, only need to set the temperature value and heating time, the instrument will automatically heat up to the set value;

4. High temperature control accuracy, large temperature range, and high furnace temperature uniformity;

5.7-inch LCD touch screen display, one-key operation to start

6. Set the constant temperature time, with high constant temperature precision;

7. The instrument can set 30 groups of different heating time periods, which can have different heating temperature, heating rate and constant temperature time;

8. Comprehensive parameter display, showing the number of set groups, theoretical temperature, actual temperature, heating time (or constant temperature time);

9. During the operation of the instrument, you can view the set parameters and the time of heating or constant temperature



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