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Ring stiffness testing machine

This machine is widely used in material inspection and analysis of iron and steel metallurgy, building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wire and cable, rubber and plastics, textiles, household appliances and other industries. Ideal test equipment for other departments.

The machine is automatically controlled by computer, displays experimental data and test curves in real time, and prints experimental reports with an external printer. The design of the host and auxiliary equipment has beautiful appearance, convenient operation and stable and reliable performance. The system controls the rotation of the servo motor through the Sida controller and the speed control system. After the deceleration system, the imported precision ball screw pair drives the beam to rise and fall to complete the tensile and compressive mechanical performance test of the sample without pollution and noise. Low, high efficiency, with a wide speed range. It fully meets the requirements of GBT9647-2003 "Determination of Rigidity of Thermoplastic Pipe Rings".f0c891b8ffd3369032bddb893633c2b3


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