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Twist Testing Machine

Torsion testing machine, this machine is used to detect the mobile phone torsion test, using PLC and HMT control system, can set the torsion value to test the number of torsion life, see whether the mobile phone function is normal, positive and negative turn once count one times. Touch screen screen coordination display, easy to operate. Meets YD/T1539-2006 standards. The mobile communication handset is not packed, installed with a matching battery, and fixed on the distortion test machine without turning on the machine. Each end is gripped by 15mm, and the torque of max not exceeding 2N.m and min not less than 0.5N.m is applied equally. The torque is staggered once for clockwise distortion and counterclockwise distortion, the frequency is 15-30 times per minute, and a total of 500 times of distortion is performed. After removal for function, appearance and assembly testing should meet the requirements of the relevant standards, the folding, sliding and rotating structure of the hand-held machine, should be tested in its closed state.
Test station: 1 piece Number of revolutions: 15-30 times
Torque setting range: 0-10Nm Ac servo motor: 220V/750W
Overall size of machine: 380*560*580mm Power supply: AC220/50HZ
Weight: About 35kg
Twisted to a certain Angle retention time: 1 second to 5 minutes
Main configuration: 1, touch screen: 1
2, PLC controller: 1
3. Servo motor and servo controller: 1 set
4, torsion sensor: 1
5, power display: 1
6. Mobile phone twisting fixture: 1 set




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