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Wire torsion testing machine

This machine adopts the latest KN microcomputer controller, and the circuit is specially optimized for the working characteristics of the system, with strong anti-interference performance and stable and reliable operation. The display part adopts a large-area LCD liquid crystal display with full Chinese character prompts; the control program is designed according to the principle of humanization, which is easy to operate, clear in display and accurate in results. The controller responds to the parameters and running instructions set by the user to control the operation of the inverter, thereby controlling the operation of the motor and realizing the required test function.

1. The output shaft can be controlled by the controller to run at the specified speed.

2. It can control the forward or reverse rotation of the output shaft to realize the loading of the test piece.

3. The number of turns the material twists before breaking can be recorded with an accuracy of 1 turn.

4. The number of twists can be set, and both forward and reverse can be set arbitrarily.



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