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Material torsion testing machine

The computer-controlled material torsion testing machine is composed of a loading system, a transmission system, a digital data acquisition and processing system, and a computer measurement control and display system.

1. Main engine: It adopts horizontal structure, and the main structure adopts frame structure to ensure the rigidity of the whole machine. The main drive shaft and fixture are made of high-quality steel to ensure their service life. The installation and disassembly of the sample are convenient and fast. The moving end of the collet adopts a precision heavy-duty guide rail, which enables it to move freely and minimizes the axial tension of the specimen.

2. Drive system: Driven by imported all-digital AC servo control system, with wide speed adjustment range, uniform and stable loading.

3. Transmission system: It adopts precision reducer transmission to ensure the uniformity, stability and transmission accuracy of transmission. The horizontal space can be adjusted manually within the range of 0 to 600mm.

4. Measurement and display system: The machine uses a photoelectric encoder to collect the torsion angle of the sample, a high-precision torque sensor to collect the torque of the sample, and a high-precision rotary encoder to measure the torsional deformation of the sample. The computer screen displays the torque, torsion angle, torsional deformation and various curves of the sample.

5. Software system:

5.1. It meets the relevant requirements of data processing in JB/T9370-1999 "Technical Conditions of Torsion Testing Machine" and GB10128-1988 "Metal Room Temperature Torsion Test Method".

5.2. The shear modulus G value, yield point τs, upper yield point τsu, lower yield point τsl, torsional strength τb, etc. of the specimen can be detected. Torque and torsion angles are automatically tracked and measured, and test curves are displayed. Displays the torque value, torsion angle, and torsion speed of the test. After the test, the test data is automatically processed, and the shear modulus G, the specified non-proportional torsional stress τp, the yield point, the upper yield point τsu, the lower yield point τsl, the torsional strength τb and other performance parameters of the material can be automatically obtained. According to user requirements, the report format can be freely compiled and the test report can be output and printed.

5.3. The testing machine can realize two functions of continuous loading and maintaining load under any load. There is no shock and vibration during the test, and it has good reading stability.

5.4. Any number of test curves can be superimposed and compared, output and printed.



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