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Sliding CNC hydraulic press

From 1 ton to 100 tons, the automatic mold adjustment technology can be selected, and the two-way convection valve is used for adjustment

From 1 ton to 100 tons, the automatic mold adjustment technology can be selected, and the two-way convection valve is used for adjustment. The intermediate control program is used to adjust the required height of the cylinder, which is not easy to damage the mold. It adopts a four-column structure, and the movable plate is parallel to the working surface. A guide sleeve makes the vertical precision of the lower pressure high, the oil cylinder adopts an adjustable type, and the moving mechanism of the upper platen is composed of an oil cylinder, a linear bearing, a 4-column guide rod, a mold, a mold pneumatic clamping device, a vacuum suction cup and other components.


1. This series of hydraulic machine tools use the hydraulic pressure of 1-14MPA as the power source, and connect to an external three-phase AC380V 50HZ or three-phase AC220 60HZ AC power supply. The total power consumption does not exceed 8.5KW;

2. This series of equipment uses liquid as a medium to transfer energy, and the pressure holding time can be freely adjusted within 0-24 hours;

3. The noise of the equipment is much smaller than that of similar products when it is in standby;

4. The upper and lower working surfaces are equipped with heat-treated heating plates, and there are universal T-slot fixed molds, which are controlled by intelligent thermostat PID. The precision is high, and the temperature error is within ±1°C;

5. The four-column three-plate structure is adopted, the vertical accuracy of the movable plate is controlled by four guide sleeves, and the parallel accuracy of any point between the lower working surface and the upper working surface is below 0.08MM;

6. Adjustable positioning oil cylinder is adopted, the positioning accuracy of the

 bottom dead center is high, and the repetition accuracy is below 0.01mm to ensure the imprinting depth;

7. With automatic counting function, there are two control modes: manual and semi-automatic. Manually, the press-fitting upper die can be stopped within any range of travel. It is equipped with an emergency recovery button, and an infrared hand guard can also be installed;

8. The descending speed of the spindle is 88MM/S;

9. The pressure, pressing stroke, pressure holding time and closing height can be adjusted by customers themselves, which is convenient for operation;

10. The bottom of the hydraulic system has a built-in oil tank, which has a clean and stable appearance. There are casters and foot cups under the worktable, which can be moved easily. The weight of this series of models does not exceed 450KG. 11. The output range of this series of hydraulic machinery is 3-50tf. Optional; (1tf=1000kgf=9.8KN), can also be customized according to customer needs.



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