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Precision bearing servo press

With the rapid development of modern automation industry, bearing servo presses and bearing presses,

With the rapid development of modern automation industry, bearing servo presses and bearing presses, as a new type of high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, have low noise, good environment, low maintenance costs, excellent controllability and stability, and are favored and recognized by more and more enterprises. . Especially under the premise of paying attention to energy and the environment today, the application of servo presses to replace hydraulic and pneumatic presses is the trend of future development.


1: The main structure is mainly driven by an electric cylinder. The electric cylinder is driven by balls and roller screws as the first choice. The economical type can use a T-type screw. Customers can customize it according to their own accuracy requirements. The press-fitting system software ensures the accuracy of the whole process. Control parameters such as pressing force, stop position, pressing speed and pressure holding time to achieve full-process numerical control management.

2: The curve diagram of the whole process of pressing force and displacement is displayed on the LCD touch screen, which can control the quality of interference fit in real time and meet the traceability management of sample data. It can detect and remove defective products in real time, realize the integration of production and inspection, and can also help optimize process technical parameters and design.

3: The equipment itself has accurate pressure and displacement control functions, which can set precise position stop, set precise force value stop and other pressing modes; easily complete the requirements of multi-stage pressing work; within the effective stroke, it can be arbitrarily set accurately The position stops, the precise force value is set to stop, the position repeatability is plus or minus 0.01mm, and the pressure repeatability is plus or minus 1%; the system has a powerful mechanical rigidity deformation correction function; it can dynamically adjust the press-fitting according to the different heights of the sample Target; multiple systems can form a distributed grid, which is convenient for data aggregation and analysis.

4: Powerful data aggregation and networking functions. The program reserves the data interface, can export the original data, and can also conveniently upload and download. Powerful data analysis function can quickly locate unqualified areas and find problems in a timely manner. The system reserves multiple IO interfaces to facilitate seamless connection with external devices. For different press-fitting plans, the system has the function of saving control programs in multiple batches.


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