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Pneumatic Press Machine

Product features:
1. Compressed air as power source, simple operation
2. When there is no oil pressure system standby, the noise generated can save power consumption;
3. Using the principle of gas and oil pressurization, to achieve fast acting speed and high force requirements
4. It is easy to adjust the output. As long as the air pressure is adjusted, the required output can be reached.
5. The machine structure is strong, easy to operate, light and convenient, in line with the work efficiency.
6. Multifunctional application for pressing, punching, riveting, assembling, cutting and so on.
7. Column door type open space design, machine equipped with stainless steel work frame, specifications can be customized.

Equipment operation procedure:

1. The machine uses externally connected single-phase AC220V power supply. It is forbidden to use the machine without grounding wire.

2. Turn on the power switch. The power indicator is on

3. Confirm the running direction of the motor:

4. The hydraulic press has two operation modes: A. Manual: turn on the power switch, switch the selection switch to the manual position, press the manual press button to quickly down the middle plate, let go of the cylinder to stop, to realize the point operation, this operation mode can test the product pressure. B, automatic: turn on the power switch, switch the selector switch to the automatic position, press the start button with both hands at the same time, the cylinder drives the movable working plate down quickly, presses down the timing, the timing time is up, the cylinder drives the activity up quickly, the cylinder stops, and the one-week action is completed.

Nominal force (KN) 100
Gas working pressure (MPa) 6
Theory output(Ton) Theory output(ton) 10 (adjustable pressure)
Dimension of working face (length * width)MM 450*350 inside the left and right columns outside the front and back columns,
Height of table above ground (MM) 850
Opening distance (mm) 100
Cylinder stroke (mm) 100
Closing distance (mm) 0
Rapid descent speed of cylinder (mm/s) 150
Cylinder rising speed (mm/s) 150
Power source power source ф220VAC,50/60Hz
remarks 1, plus safety photoelectric hand guard,
2. No T-groove or screw hole is allowed on the upper and lower working surface. The surface is smooth and hard chrome plated.
3, the upper and lower plate heating temperature can be set within 300 degrees,
4 Adjustable holding time within 60 seconds.


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