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Gas Spring Fatigue Life Tester

Product Introduction:

Spring mechanical properties tester is mainly used to test the mechanical properties of lockable gas springs, mainly testing their maximum compression force and minimum compression force values.


1. Equipped with Panasonic servo motor system and precision electric cylinder multi-axis positioning technology, the displacement accuracy is 0.5 level and the transmission is stable;

2. 2-8 working areas can be customized, and the areas can work simultaneously or be tested separately;

3. The test module can be manually adjusted up and down and is suitable for samples with different strokes;

4. Sensors with different force value specifications can be purchased and equipped with corresponding fixtures for testing to meet the testing needs of different sizes and styles.

Software features:

1. Use PLC machine online control to effectively avoid interference of circuit boards, servo drives, etc. on test data;

2. The controller adopts the company's independently developed force value testing software, with optional languages such as English and Chinese, and the operation is intuitive and convenient;

3. It will automatically stop after the test is completed and can work alone for a long time;

4. Power-off memory, damage detection, limit protection, overload protection and other designs ensure safer operation.



200kg imported sensor


400w servo drive
Electric cylinder Stroke 500mm, speed 5~250mm/s Control mode

PLC control

Dimensions 2000*800*1950mm (L*W*H)
Power source

1∮. AC 220V. 50Hz Electric machine

400w servo motor

Test force value

50-1200N Sample size

Extension length 150-500mm

Unit switching

gf/kgf/N weight

Approx. 200kg


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