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Touch spring testing machine

This machine is suitable for tension and pressure tests of various coil springs. The machine can automatically test the free length of the spring and calculate the force and spring coefficient of four points at the same time. The machine has good repeatability and is widely used in spring factories and scientific research institutions.

1. It can automatically measure the tension, pressure and elastic coefficient of the spring, and can measure four points at the same time;

2. Using touch screen operating system, the operation is simple and convenient;

3. The power division value can be freely set up to three decimal places of 0.001N. The displacement can reach 0.01MM;

4. With automatic and manual zero capture function. High-efficiency zero capture can be achieved, and the height can be automatically remembered when power is turned off;

5. The pressure test can realize the double test of height method and deformation method (pressure method: can realize the corresponding force when testing how long the spring is compressed. Deformation method: can realize how much downward compression after touching the spring. Both functions can be used Measure 4 points at the same time).

6. Preload and rigidity compensation correction can ensure the accuracy of the measured value;

7. Load sensor overload protection and emergency stop function;

8, with a micro-printer.



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