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Computerized spring testing machine

According to the machinery industry standard of the People's Republic of China JB/T 7796-1995, JB/T 7796-2005 "Spring Tension and Compression Testing Machine Test Method" and the technical requirements specified in JIS B7738-1993 "Coil Spring Compression and Tensile Testing Machine". The spring pressure testing equipment can test the tensile force, pressure, displacement, stiffness and other strength of precision springs such as compression springs, disc springs, tower springs, leaf springs, circlip springs, leaf springs, composite springs, gas springs, die springs, special-shaped springs, etc. analyze

1. Determine whether the spring is qualified or not by measuring the deformation amount of the spring ΔH or the corresponding force value F measured by the height H.

2. Through the force value F of the spring, measure the corresponding spring deformation △H or height H to judge whether the spring is qualified.

3. One or more tests can be performed to determine whether the spring is qualified.

4. Can be measured in sections, and can calculate the stiffness (elastic coefficient) K and average stiffness of each section.

5. The product can be sampled and tested, and batch testing can also be carried out (the mechanical part has batch testing tooling).



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