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Shock absorber fatigue testing machine

The shock absorber fatigue testing machine, the shock absorber durability test machine, also known as the computer-controlled shock absorber performance comprehensive test bench, is mainly used for fatigue life testing of various shock absorbers, shock absorbers, shock absorber springs, etc. The whole machine has the characteristics of reasonable structure, simple and reliable, accurate and convenient adjustment of test space and test stroke; convenient and reliable clamping of specimens; stable operation of the whole machine and easy maintenance and maintenance. The maximum speed of the shock absorber dynamometer is 1m/s, and the speed parameters can be set freely below this speed. The speed is 1m/s, and the speed parameters of the shock absorber fatigue testing machine can be set freely below this speed.

1. The product adopts linear electric cylinder drive technology to meet the needs of a clean and quiet test environment, and is designed for dynamic and static tests of various materials and components;

2. Dynamic test performance;

3. The fixture has high hardness, and the actuator is precisely centered on the upper beam;

4. Universal T-slot table for conventional and unconventional samples;

5. The lifting and lowering of the beam is passive lifting, which is convenient and reliable, and mechanically locked.



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