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Five-station Spring Testing Machine

Spring fatigue testing machine, spring durability testing machine, also known as microcomputer controlled spring performance comprehensive test bench is mainly used for all kinds of shock absorber, shock absorber, spring fatigue life test. The machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, simple and reliable, accurate and convenient adjustment of test space and test stroke; The specimen mounting is convenient and reliable; The whole machine runs smoothly, easy maintenance, maintenance and so on.
Model number HJ-500N HJ-1000N HJ-5000N
Maximum load 500N 1000N 5000N
Mode of judgment On-off decision On-off decision On-off decision
Test length 140mm (including fixture) 200mm (including fixture) 300mm (including fixture)
Test stroke amplitude 80mm(adjustable) 80mm (adjustable) 80mm (adjustable)
Test station 5 groups
Test speed 500 times per minute
Number of tests 10 million times (optional)
Display mode Touch screen man-machine interface
Printing mode Microprinter printing
Type of test Compression drawing
weight About 150kg About 220kg About 300kg



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