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Computer-type Button Load Meter Curve Testing Machine

Automatic load displacement curve testing machine, suitable for all kinds of RUBBER, metal shrapnel, keys, switches, computer keyboards, mobile phone keys, etc. [load-stroke] curve test, while completing the compression resilience test.

Equipment advantages:

1. PEAK FORCE, RETURNFORCE, DISTANCE and CLICK rate can be directly displayed on the graph without manual calculation.

2. The measurement curve is memorized by the computer and can be enlarged or shrunk at any time. A piece of A4 paper can be arbitrarily assigned to place N curves.

3. the measurement items can be input upper and lower limit specifications, the measurement results can be automatically determined OK or NO.

4. can enter the maximum measurement stroke and load, computer automatic control.

5. the test report can be converted to EXCEL and other paperwork report format.

6. the inspection report can be automatically generated, no need to make input.

7. The header of the inspection report can be modified at any time.

8. the test conditions are set by the computer screen, convenient and fast.

9. Test data is stored on hard disk. (Each piece of data can be stored, unlimited number of times)

10. the computer directly print and store the force displacement curve, check the report. (Grid paper is not required, A4 paper is fine)

11. the load unit display N, Ib, g, kg can be freely switched.

Product parameters:

To determine the maximum load: Measuring the maximum load: 2kg, 5kg, 10kg options
Minimum resolution: 0.1gf/0.01gf
Maximum measured height: 100mm
Minimum fine-tuning distance: The 0.01 mm
Measuring speed range: 0-100mm/min
Transmission mechanism: Ball screw
Drive motor: servomotor
Appearance size: 300*270*500(W*D*H)mm
Weight: 30Kg
Power Supply: AC220V
Test environment conditions: Room temperature 20±5℃, relative humidity ≤85%R.H, measured data at constant temperature under no load in the test chamber



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