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Automatic click scribing testing machine

This machine is suitable for the aging test of the impact life of key switches, computer keyboards, conductive rubber keys, metal shrapnel keys (commonly known as pots) or the same type of keys. The advanced programmer is used to control the whole process of key life test. At the same time, it is suitable for the fatigue test of silicone rubber keys; it has adjustable speed, any number of times, and can test several products at the same time (each product can be tested at multiple points), and the data can be maintained after the number of times or power failure. In addition, each button can be set to different pressures and different heights. Using advanced PLC touch screen control, it can clearly display the number of strikes and strike force. Each strike head is controlled separately, and the design is more user-friendly.

1. A high-tech product integrating precision machinery, automatic control scribing and precise rolling control technology, the core of which is a touch screen motion controller.

2. This product has the advantages of strong function, simple programming, convenient operation and low price. It is suitable for product development and product testing of mobile phone manufacturers.

3. This product makes the work move according to the expected trajectory through the motion controller, motor and motion platform.

4. This product can meet the requirements of clicking, drawing lines, drawing diagonal lines, drawing circles, drawing arcs, drawing ellipses, drawing rectangles, drawing triangles, drawing diamonds, etc.



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