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Automatic button load meter (touch type)

The fully automatic button load elasticity curve tester is suitable for various RUBBER, metal shrapnel, key switches, computer keyboards, mobile phone buttons, etc. for [load-stroke] curve testing, and at the same time to complete down pressure and rebound force testing. It adopts Windows Xp Chinese and English window program settings, easy to operate, and automatically stores test data: load-stroke curve, life decay curve, and test results. And test methods can be saved and called. This machine adopts high-precision load cell measurement and servo motor drive, which can measure completely accurate [load-stroke] test results.

1. The values of PEAK FORCE, RETURNFORCE, DISTANCE and CLICK rate can be directly displayed on the graph without manual calculation.

2. The measurement curve is memorized by the computer and can be enlarged or reduced at any time. A piece of A4 paper can arbitrarily place N graphs.

3. The upper and lower specification values of the measurement items can be input, and the measurement results can be automatically determined as OK or NO.

4. The maximum measuring stroke and load can be input, and the computer is automatically controlled.

5. The test report can be converted into EXCEL and other document report formats.

6. The inspection report can be generated automatically, no need to input again.

7. The header content of the inspection report can be modified at any time.

8. The test conditions are all set by the computer screen, which is convenient and fast.

9. The test data is stored on the hard disk. (Each data can be stored, unlimited times)

10. The computer directly prints and stores the force-displacement curve graph and checks the report.

※ The load unit display N, Ib, g, kg can be switched freely.



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