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Three-axis Button Load Meter

The functional high-precision load curve tester is mainly suitable for the (load-stroke) curve test of various buttons and switches. It is set in writing in the Windows Chinese window, and the operation is simple and convenient, and all data can be stored (test conditions, load curve diagram, test results, inspection reports, etc.). This machine is driven by a high-precision motor, which can provide high-precision (load-stroke) measurement, and can obtain completely accurate button and switch curve tests.

1. The three-axis coordinates of X, Y and Z can be input arbitrarily, and the machine can automatically move the position test; .

2. The large test stroke and load can be input, and the computer can automatically control and test;

3. The load can be set, when the load value is reached, the machine can be suspended;

4. The stroke can be set, when the stroke value is reached, the machine can be paused;

5. It can directly test and draw the graph of each stroke point (0.01mm) and load;

6. Each measurement graph can be tracked by a cross cursor to determine the corresponding load and stroke value, with a small resolution of 0.01mm;

7. The upper and lower specification values of the test items can be input, and the measurement results can be automatically determined as OK or NG;

8. One formula can test loads of 8 different specifications, both high and low buttons can be used:

9. The known stroke can test the corresponding load or resistance, or the known load can measure the corresponding stroke or resistance:

10. Graphics can be printed and stored (load-stroke curve, life curve, inspection report);

11. Test data storage and hard disk (each data can be stored, unlimited times);

12. The test conditions are all set by the computer (including test load, stroke, speed, number of times, pause time, etc.);

13. The content of the header of the inspection report can be modified at any time (in both Chinese and English);

14. The inspection report can be uploaded to Excel, Word, PDF for editing or output directly through the network;

15. AutoCAD drawing files can be automatically imported into product coordinates, which greatly improves work efficiency!

16. While testing the load and stroke, the resistance resistance function can be tested.




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