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Rocker (boat type) switch life testing machine

This machine is mainly used for the click life test of various buttons, including the click life test of silicone switches, silicone buttons, metal shrapnel and metal shrapnel buttons, mobile phones, touch screens, etc. The equipment has the functions of automatic memory of times, memory of power failure, accumulation of life times, and automatic shutdown when the set times are reached. Power correction, position and distance adjustable functions have also been added. Pneumatic key life tester is suitable for fatigue test of car center console keys, mobile phone keys, and walkie-talkie keys.

The equipment is controlled by computer, and the special software for strike test developed under the windows environment has an intuitive interface and simple operation.

Strike load: the current pressure sensor strikes the maximum load

Set target times: Set the number of lifespans that need to be hit

Completion times: the number of records after the station has been activated (the times of changing the station can be reset through the reset menu)

Interval time: second and second intermediate pause time

Press down time: the dwell time after the percussion head is pressed down

Push-down mode: Simultaneous push-down and sequential 1-2-3-4 push-down mode

Power monitoring: Turn on to determine the upper and lower ranges of the following group of forces, if it exceeds the alarm and stop, it will not monitor after it is turned off

Start button: used to start the movement of the station

Real-time load display: used when calibrating load sensors

Maximum load display: record the maximum load of each blow during the test.



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