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Plug life testing machine

The plug-in life testing machine can be used for pin headers, female headers, simple horns, long-eared horns, crimping heads, WAFER, round hole IC sockets and USB cables (USB3.0), HDMI high-definition cables, Display cables, DVI Connecting wires, VGA connecting wires and other computer peripheral connecting wires Plug-in and pull-out test of various connectors of various types of terminals, test the life of the product. The speed of pulling and moving is adjustable, and the required number of times can be set. When the number of times reaches the set value, it will automatically stop working. When working, it can be unattended, and it is a very cost-effective machine.

The plug-in life testing machine is suitable for a variety of connector plug-in tests. The speed and stroke are adjustable, and the liquid crystal display shows the speed value, the conduction function, the setting counting function, and the number of shutdowns. The structure is beautiful and elegant.1807faf2a5cf7d189ce4a73103f62327123

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