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Clamshell life testing machine

Clamshell testing machine is suitable for flipping life test of small consumer electronic products and components such as mobile phones (mobile phones), electronic dictionaries, etc.


The four-station mobile phone flip tester adopts Japan's Mitsubishi LCD touch man-machine interface, and the large interface is intuitive and generous; the control part adopts Japan's Mitsubishi PLC, with reliable performance; due to the use of stepping motor drive, the angle is accurate and convenient, and the power supply system is rectified and set, extremely Greatly improves the service life and reliability of the circuit part of the machine.

Because this machine adopts dual motors to drive separately on a single station, it can truly simulate the action of the mobile phone when it is in use. This function can simultaneously test the lifespan of four mobile phone flips without interfering with each other. It also reflects the humanized design style in the program, so that the operator can learn it as soon as he learns it.



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