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Vertical Dynamic Balance Testing Machine

This machine is mainly suitable for the dynamic balance test of fan blades, water pump impellers, range hood fans, flywheels, grinding wheels, saw blades, chucks, saw blades, brakes, etc.


1. Professionally designed swing frame, which can effectively transmit mechanical force, firm and reliable, with low vibration damping and good rigidity

2. High sensitivity sensor, good linearity, durable and reliable

3. Permanent calibration measurement principle, high precision, allowing extremely high initial unbalance

4. Equipped with a special fixture, with higher precision and more convenient clamping.

5. Advanced electrical measurement system, friendly man-machine interface, complete functions

Product Parameters

Workpiece mass range (kg) 100
Maximum outer diameter of workpiece (mm) Φ1000
Balance speed (r/min) 350-700
Motor power (kw) 7.5
Unbalance Reduction Rate (URR) ≥95%
Measurement plane 2
Minimum reachable unbalance (g.mm/kg) ≤3%
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