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Automatic Positioning Balancing Machine

The repeatability of the measurement value is high, the Angle deviation is small, the measurement time only needs 3-5 seconds, and the repeatability of the high precision rotor is less than 1 mg. Measurement without marking, can achieve high precision positioning, automatic tracking several slot technology, will not cause positioning error due to belt slip, WINDOWS Chinese measurement software, can land 100 kinds of specifications, a calibration at any time to call no stick reflective marking, USB data export, N kinds of data storage, flexible positioning mode touch screen display, trigger, Simple and beautiful weight/weight can be switched at will, easy to use, automatic marking system (optional), but also can display the left and right positioning Angle difference equipment with automatic diagnosis function, easy maintenance


This product is widely used in motors, fans, paper machines, automobiles, aviation and other industries. Applicable to: fans, large motors, water pumps, centrifuges, rubber rollers, dryers, internal combustion engines, screen baskets and other rotating parts that cannot be driven by belt drives or require large transmission power.

Product parameters:

Workpiece mass range (kg) 130
Maximum outer diameter of workpiece (mm) ¢50
Workpiece height (mm) 1000/3000
Spindle speed (r/min) 600/1500
Device power AC220V50-60HZ500VA
Minimum achievable residual unbalance degree emar ≤0.2g·mm/Kg
Unbalance reduction rate URR(%) 95




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