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Simulation of third- and fourth-level road bump test bench

The vibrating table assesses the ability of various items with a specific load to withstand actual road conditions during road vehicle transportation, so as to obtain the influence of actual road conditions on the items in the laboratory, so as to provide the basis for evaluation or confirmation of the items and their packaging. The simulated three-level road bump test bench is suitable for accelerated road transportation simulation tests of products transported by trucks to determine whether the products can adapt to the expected transportation vibration environment. The accelerated simulation test of road transportation refers to the statistical characteristics test of the cumulative damage of automobile transportation environment by increasing the test value of simulated transportation vibration on the simulation platform to shorten the time of the transportation simulation test.

The simulated three-level road bump test bench will reproduce the vibration environment of the test vehicle during the driving process on the road in the experiment. The broadband random vibration is simulated by the method of sub-band approximation. Each sub-band contains a main natural frequency and satisfies the power spectrum of the sub-band.e46681aefe3d8ecccab22cc7735f0ca2


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