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Printing ink decolorization tester

The ink friction and decolorization tester is used to test the abrasion resistance of the printing ink layer of the printed matter, the abrasion resistance of the PS plate photosensitive layer and the abrasion resistance of the surface coating of related products. Effectively analyze the problems of poor rub resistance of printed matter, peeling ink layer, low printing endurance of PS version and poor coating hardness of other products. According to the friction load of the international standard, the paper, cardboard, leather and other sample prints are rubbed back and forth at the specified speed to test the adhesion of the ink, and the ink is judged by measuring the decrease in density (or the decrease in coating thickness) before and after rubbing. Abrasion resistance of a layer (or coating).

1. The instrument is designed in strict accordance with the standard, effectively ensuring the accuracy of the test data

2. The rubber test is fast - the precision grinding machine is used for grinding, the test process is stable and there is no abnormal jitter, the built-in standard friction table ensures a uniform friction area, and the friction process is completely silent.

3. The number of frictions can be adjusted to set the number of frictions, which is convenient for accurate testing, and automatically stops after the test is completed.

4. The counter automatically records the number of frictions

5. The sample clamp is simple type, which can install the sample more quickly and conveniently

Friction speed 21、43、85、106rpm(adjustable)
Measuring range 1~9999 times of automatic shutdown
Friction load GB:20N,ASTM:1810g(4Lb)
Test piece area Minimum size 230*50mm
Friction body

2 pieces of rubber with a hardness of HS50~53,

an area of 25mm*50mm, a thickness of 8mm,

and a distance of about 45mm

Friction stroke 60mm
Friction area 50*100mm
Working environment Temperature (20±10℃), humidity<85%
Dimensions 318*267*530mm
Weight 25kg


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