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Self-adhesive Peel Strength Testing Machine

Self-adhesive peeling strength testing machine can measure the tensile force, tearing, peeling, adhesion resistance of various materials. The test date, time and display value set by the monitor can be printed. Can be equipped with all kinds of fixture and elongation test device, or according to customer needs assembly. Widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, wire, cable, textile, fiber, plastic, rubber, ceramics, food, medical packaging, aluminum plastic pipe, plastic doors and Windows, geotextile, film, wood, paper, metal materials and manufacturing, can automatically calculate the maximum test force value, breaking force value and other test data.

Self-adhesive peel strength testing machine can mainly measure the physical properties of tensile force, tearing, peeling and adhesion resistance of various materials. It can print out the test date, time and the display value of the monitor setting. It can be equipped with various fixtures and elongation testing devices, or assembled according to customer needs. Widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, wires, cables, textiles, fibers, plastics, rubber, ceramics, food, pharmaceutical packaging, aluminum-plastic pipes, plastic doors and windows, geotextiles, films, wood, paper, metal materials and In the manufacturing industry, it can automatically calculate the test data such as the maximum test force value and the fracture force value.

Product features:

1. Adopt high-speed single chip microcomputer, as the main control chip, the whole machine response quickly, comprehensive function.

2. The use of special signal amplifier, high precision, high stability voltage reference, through high precision digital-to-analog converter, to ensure that the instrument has a very high resolution and 


3. The LCD screen is used as the display device, the interface and parameters are prompted by Chinese characters, and the display information is intuitive and comprehensive.

4. With unique automatic operation mode, multi-point measurement can effectively improve work efficiency.

5. Compact structure, line optimization design, with high anti-interference ability.

Device function:

1. The main test operation and control functions are integrated on the main control panel, easy to operate and clear display.

2.. Numerical display window includes: torque display window (including peak value display window), Angle display window.

Product parameter table

Torque range: 2%-100% N.m;
Relative error of torque indication: Plus or minus 1.0%;
Level: Level 1
Torque resolution: 1/±100000;
Torsion Angle measurement range: 0 ~ 9999 °
Angular resolution: 0.01 °
Relative error of torsion Angle indication: ±1.0%;
Relative error of speed indication value: ±1.0%;
Clamping distance: 0~1000mm ;
Power supply: AC 220V+10%, 50Hz;
Net size of main machine: 2390*600*1350mm
Main machine weight: About 1300kg


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