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Computerized peel strength tester

The precision computer protective film peeling strength tester is a test instrument specially designed and developed by our company for the adhesive tape and adhesive industry, and used for testing the peeling strength of various adhesive products in different ways. Different fixtures can be purchased for 180°, 90°, T-shaped and floating roll method (suitable for high-strength adhesives) and other methods of peeling test and adhesive tensile shear strength, tear strength and other tests.

1. The structure of the machine adopts high-precision, low-resistance, no-gap double ball screws and guide columns built in aluminum extruded plates treated with advanced baking paint, which improves the load efficiency and structural rigidity;

2. The control system adopts Panasonic full digital AC server to control the AC servo motor with high response frequency, which ensures high efficiency of the transmission system, stable transmission, low noise, and the speed accuracy can be controlled within ±0.2%;

3. The microcomputer system uses a commercial computer as the main control machine, and cooperates with the company's fully open testing software to complete all test parameter setting, working state control, data acquisition and analysis processing, result display and print output.



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