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Wheel hub air tightness testing machine

The wheel hub air tightness testing machine and the wheel hub sealing testing machine are widely used in the sealing test and air tightness test of automobile wheels, motorcycle wheels, electric wheel hubs, etc. It has the advantages of high control precision and infinitely adjustable pressure.


1. The core sensor, pressure regulating valve, solenoid valve and other high-quality equipment are selected, which can easily realize any adjustable and controllable output pressure.

2, technology first, the structure design is reasonable. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight and beautiful appearance.

3. All pressure-bearing parts are standard parts of international famous brands, without any welding connection, easy to disassemble, high safety factor, long life and easy maintenance.

4. The time can be adjusted arbitrarily within 0-999sec.

5. The holding time and constant pressure time can be adjusted arbitrarily.

6. The test process can be set according to the needs, such as boosting-pressure maintaining, boosting-pressure maintaining-boosting, etc.

7. The test process can be set through the computer software to realize the automatic sealing test, and the pressure data of the whole test process can be displayed, and the test report can be printed.



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