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Electronic Dynamic Testing Machine

This machine is suitable for testing the dynamic and static mechanical properties of all kinds of metal, non-metal, composite material and lithium battery core pole. Tensile, compression, bending, static and static stiffness and low cycle fatigue tests can be carried out under sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, trapezoidal wave, random wave and combined waveform.

Performance characteristics

1, the use of electronic servo and DDR torque motor drive technology, with high efficiency, long life, low noise, maintenance-free advantages;

2, the testing machine adopts the "horizontal landing structure" good dynamic stability, the test bench is convenient, random, safe and reliable;

3. Parameters required by different tests -- torque, frequency, Angle, etc., can be set and displayed through the computer screen, and the process of the test can also be called and queried at any time;

4. User operation interface: The test software can be operated under Windows system, and the microcomputer system can complete the test setting, working state control, data acquisition, calculation and processing. Simple and reliable human-computer interaction interface and data processing interface, complete different experimental requirements selected by users, display and print test results;

5. Open data structure: both result parameters and process data are allowed to be called randomly by users, which is very convenient for scientific research and teaching;

6, a variety of protective measures: sample damage, tooling fracture and equipment failure, automatic stop test and alarm, in the process of automatic control test, testing machine with overload, over Angle, over temperature, electronic limit protection, over current, over voltage and other power links of various electrical protection, software overload, mechanical forced safety limit protection.

Testing machine type HJ-6001 HJ-6002 HJ-6003 HJ-6004 HJ-6005
HJ-6200 HJ-6400
Maximum test force ± 1000N or less ± 3000N ±10 KN ± 20KN ± 50KN
±5000N ± 30KN
Test frequency 0.01 ~ 20 hz
Fatigue life number The value ranges from 0 to 10°
Actuator stroke (mm) ±50, ±75, ±100, ±150 and customized
Test load waveform Sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, oblique wave, trapezoid wave, combination of custom waveform
Measurement accuracy load Better than the indicated value ±1%, ± 0.5% (static); Better than indicated value ±2% (dynamic)
deformation Better than the indicated value ±1%, ± 0.5% (static); Better than indicated value ±2% (dynamic)
displacement Better than the indicated value ± 1%, ± 0.5%
Test parameter measurement range 1~100%FS (full scale), can be extended to 0.4~100%FS
Test width (mm) 400mm 500mm
Test space (mm) ≤500mm (excluding fixture) ≤600mm (without fixture)
Motor power 1.0KW 2.0KW 5.0KW


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