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Electro-hydraulic Servo Fatigue Testing Machine

It is mainly used for testing dynamic and static mechanical properties of various materials, parts, elastomers, shock absorbers and components. Tensile, compression, bending, low cycle and high cycle fatigue, crack propagation and fracture mechanics tests can be carried out under sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, trapezoidal wave and combination waveform. Environmental test device can also be configured to complete environmental simulation test at different temperatures.

Basis standard

1, meet the requirements of GB/T2611-2007 "testing machine general Technical requirements", GB/T16826-2008 "electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine", JB/T9379-2002 "tensile fatigue testing machine technical conditions";

2, meet GB/T3075-2008 "Metal axial fatigue test method", GB/T228-2010 "Metal material room temperature tensile test Method" and other standards;

3, applicable to GB, JIS, ASTM, DIN and other standards.

Performance characteristics

1, testing machine host: column, base, beam constitute a closed frame structure, frame stiffness, no reverse clearance, good stability. The outer surface of the column is treated with hard chrome electroplating, the servo actuator (cylinder) is placed under, and the cylinder piston is designed with two-way action. The sample clamping adjustment is convenient and flexible.

2, the key components: the use of international famous brands - MOOG servo valve, Germany DOLI controller, Japan not Eryue oil pump, the United States King sensor, the United States MTS displacement sensor.

3, hydraulic servo pump station: no leakage silent technology, stable pressure output, no fluctuation, low noise, good heat dissipation effect, high filtration accuracy, pressure overload, oil temperature over temperature automatic protection.

4, control mode: force, displacement, deformation PID closed-loop control, and can realize any control mode smooth and undisturbed switching.

5, test software: suitable for Windows test platform operation and control system cooperation, can control the test system to complete all kinds of dynamic and static mechanical properties tests, such as metal tensile, compression, bending, low cycle and metal fracture mechanics tests. And independently complete various test management, data storage, test report printing and other functions.

6, test waveform: sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, random wave, sweep wave, combination wave, etc.

7, protection function: with oil circuit blocking, over temperature, low liquid level, hydraulic system overload, motor overheating, preset fatigue number to, specimen fracture alarm shutdown function.

Testing machine type HJ-9001 HJ-9002 HJ-9003 HJ-9004 HJ-9005
Maximum dynamic load (kN) ±20 (±30) ±50 ±100 ±200 (±250) ±500
Test frequency (Hz) Low cycle fatigue 0.01~20, high cycle fatigue 0.01~50, customized 0.01~100
Actuator stroke (mm) ±50, ±75, ±100, ±150 and customized
Test load waveform Sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, oblique wave, trapezoid wave, combination of custom waveform
Measurement accuracy load Better than the indicated value ±1%, ±0.5% (static); Better than indicated value ±2% (dynamic)
deformation Better than the indicated value ±1%, ±0.5% (static); Better than indicated value ±2% (dynamic)
displacement Better than the indicated value ±1%, ±0.5%
Test parameter measurement range 1~100%FS (full scale), can be extended to 0.4 ~100%FS 2~100%FS (full scale)
Test space (mm) 50~580 50~580
Test width (mm) 500 600
Oil source configuration (21Mpa motor power) 20L/min (7.50kW), 40L/min (15.0kW), 60L/min (22.0kW),00L/nin (37.0kw) discharge oil sources work in combination according to requirements, with optional pressure of 14, 21, 25mpa



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