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Directional Drop Test Machine

Mobile phone directional drop testing machine, suitable for the durability of the shell, internal structure resistance to (heavy) drop performance test. It is used to evaluate the impact of unexpected fall on product performance during actual use by customers. It is suitable for the drop test of small electronic products such as mobile phones, pads, e-books, and electronic dictionaries in a specified direction or a specified position. The system uses the touch screen to communicate with PLC to control the brake stepping motor to drive the lifting of the clamping clamp on the dropping mechanism, and realizes the drop test with the release action of the decoupling device and the fixture.

Product features:

1. The frame adopts aluminum profile + thickened transparent acrylic, beautiful appearance and solid structure;

2. The lifting mechanism adopts linear slide guide, synchronous belt drive lifting, can be arbitrarily set the test height;

3. Realize multi-angle testing of products;

4. Using touch screen +PLC control, can display the test height and the number of drops and other data.

5. Equipment with safety device: safety light curtain (hand into the test area equipment automatically shut down).

Product parameters:

Mode of operation: Touch screen setting related data (height, real-time acceleration > 9.2m/s)
Driving mode and drop Angle: Brake stepper motor drive, all-round drop.
Fall height range: 300-1500mm, (can be set) displacement accuracy is +0.5mm
Fall mode: Directional + Free can be switched arbitrarily.
Fixture regulation: Adjustable Angle: 0°, 45°, 90°
Clamping mode: Cylinder clamp
Clamping range: The clamping range is 0 to 180mm
Controller: The controller is adjustable for 360° rotation
Fall contact surface: Marble slabs, steel plates, planks
Fall mode: Repeated drop
Test data: Height of fall
Air pressure: 0.2~0.6Мpa
Overall dimensions: 800*1000*2200mm (L/W/H) (plus protective door)
Machine weight: 150kg
Power: 1000W
Power supply: AC 220V 50Hz


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