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Accumulation and Freezing Rain Test Machine

This laboratory can be used to determine the suitability of electronic products, components, materials, etc. for use and storage under conditions of high humidity,

This laboratory can be used to determine the suitability of electronic products, components, materials, etc. for use and storage under conditions of high humidity, low humidity, ice accumulation, dripping water, spraying, constant damp heat, temperature cyclic changes, and damp heat with condensation on wet surfaces. It adopts the most reasonable structure and stable and reliable control method, which makes it beautiful in appearance, easy to operate, safe, and has high humidity and humidity control accuracy. It is an ideal equipment for low-humidity test and constant temperature and humidity test.


1. The use of multi-channel, environmental protection and energy saving (low noise) mechanical compression refrigeration system.

All materials, parts, components, raw materials, etc. of the equipment are environmentally friendly products, whether domestic or imported; according to the characteristics of mechanical compression refrigeration, a two-stage multi-channel main bypass system is adopted, and the multi-channel main circuit and bypass can be used according to different work. The condition is adaptively selected and activated, and the entire control is automatically realized by the intelligent control system according to the working conditions, which changes the traditional method of using a thermostat to control the heater to offset the cooling capacity to control the cooling capacity. In order to achieve the effect of energy saving, not only the energy consumption only accounts for 80% of similar products. It also reduces the operating load of the refrigeration compressor, reduces the vibration and noise of the equipment, and improves the control accuracy. In order to better achieve the effect of energy saving, the frequency conversion technology is adopted at the same time, so that the refrigeration output of the refrigeration compressor can adapt to the requirements of various temperature change rates in the laboratory, and at the same time, the power consumption is controlled to achieve the energy saving effect. The sound absorption and noise reduction methods are used in the whole structure and different places in the mechanical working process to reduce the noise of the whole equipment.

2. Self-developed multi-channel and multi-stage throttling system (refrigeration system).

The refrigeration system of this equipment is designed with different capillary main circuits and bypasses according to different working conditions of the system. The intelligent control system automatically controls and automatically adjusts the capillary throttling system according to the working conditions to ensure the adjustable flow rate and achieve the purpose of temperature change. , and the temperature field changes uniformly, and the temperature fluctuation is extremely small.

3. The broadband pressure balance temperature regulation system is applied, and the rapid temperature control is realized through the fast convergence PID adaptive algorithm.

Using the temperature mixing chamber, the static pressure chamber and the forced air duct system of centrifugal fan blades to ensure sufficient exchange of cold and heat and evenly supply air to each space in the studio (experimental area) through the top orifice plate, To achieve the uniformity of temperature; in order to achieve rapid temperature convergence, our company and South Korea's Sanyuan Company have developed a special PID adaptive algorithm suitable for our company. This control method continuously corrects the control according to the temperature during the control process. To achieve the control purpose of fast closing of the sword, small temperature overshoot and high stability.

4. Realize remote visual control.

The device is equipped with man-machine management interface, touch-mode automatic control system, and realizes automatic control; at the same time, it realizes the connection with the remote computer through the RS485 communication interface to realize network management and remote monitoring. The whole system through the graphical interface, the control and management is simple and fast, the fault is automatically prompted, the graphic prompts the fault to save energy and proposes solutions to guide the user to quickly troubleshoot.

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