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Sponge indentation fatigue tester

This machine is used to measure the concave hardness of porous elastic materials. It can measure the polyurethane sponge foam samples and carry out the tests specified in the national standards, and accurately measure the indentation hardness of sponges, foams and other materials. It can also be used to measure the specified indentation hardness of the produced seat foam (such as backrest, seat cushion foam, etc.), and accurately measure the indentation hardness of each foam part of the seat.

1. Automatic reset: After the computer receives the test start command, the system will automatically reset.

2. Automatic return: After the sample is broken, it will automatically return to the initial position.

3. Automatic shifting: According to the size of the load, different gears can be switched to ensure the measurement accuracy.

4. Change the speed: This machine can change the test speed arbitrarily according to different samples.

5. Indication calibration: the system can realize accurate calibration of force value.

6. Control method: Test methods such as test force, test speed, displacement and strain can be selected according to the test needs.

7. One machine for multiple purposes: equipped with sensors of different specifications, one machine can be used for multiple purposes.

8. Curve traversal: After the test is completed, you can use the mouse to find and analyze the point-by-point force value and deformation data of the test curve.

9. Display: Dynamic display of data and curve test process.

10. Results: The test results can be accessed and the data curve can be analyzed.

11. Limit: with program control and mechanical limit.

12. Overload: When the load exceeds the rated value, it will automatically stop.



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