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Microcomputer hydraulic compression testing machine

Cement compressive and flexural testing machine is mainly used for compressive strength test of brick, stone, cement, concrete and other materials, and also used for compressive performance test of other materials. The digital display cement compressive and flexural testing machine is mainly used for the compressive strength of cement and other building materials and the flexural test of cement. The requirement of loading rate is a good solution to the closed-loop control of cement loading.

1. Strength test: the maximum pressure resistance and displacement of the box can be measured;

2. Fixed value test: the overall performance of the box can be detected according to the set pressure or displacement;

3. Stacking test: according to national or international standards, stacking tests with different time, different conditions and different force values can be carried out.

4. Automatic calibration: the system can automatically realize the calibration of the indication accuracy;

5. Automatic shift: automatically switch to the appropriate range according to the size of the test force to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data;

6. Automatic display: During the whole test process, the test force, displacement and deformation are displayed in real time;

7. Automatic control: After the test parameters are input, the test process can be completed automatically;

8. Test judgment: After meeting the test requirements, the moving beam will automatically stop moving;

9. Limit protection: with mechanical and program-controlled two-level limit protection;

10. Test report: simple data report can be printed;

11. Manual calculation: part of the data needs to be manually recorded test results and process data;

Product parameters:

Test force (KN) 300/10
Test force accuracy better than ±1%
Test force classification no classification in the whole process
Constant pressure accuracy ±1%
Test force measurement range (KN) 1% of full scale
Loading speed (KN/S) 2.4KN/S main 200N/s 5ON/S main 10N/s
Relative error of force control rate ±1%
Upper platen size (mm) D140
Lower platen size (mm) D140
Upper and lower platen distance (mm) 250
Effective stroke (mm) 300
Power supply (kw) 1.5
Power supply conventional voltage 220V, can also be configured according to the standard voltage of the ground
Machine form double column (distance between columns 300mm)
Dimensions (mm) 950×650×1405
Machine weight (kg) 350
Attachment A set of anti-compression aids 40*40mm


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