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Single-column touch tension and compression testing machine

Mainly suitable for testing of metal and non-metal materials, such as rubber, plastic, wire and cable, optical fiber cable, safety belt, safety belt, leather belt composite material, plastic profile, waterproof coil, steel pipe, copper material, profile, spring steel, Tension, compression, bending, shearing, peeling, tearing, two-point elongation of bearing steel, stainless steel (and other high-hardness steel), castings, steel plates, steel strips, and non-ferrous metal wires Various tests. This machine adopts mechatronics design and is mainly composed of load cell, transmitter, microprocessor, load driving mechanism, computer and color inkjet printer. It has a wide and accurate range of loading speed and force measurement, high precision and sensitivity for the measurement and control of load and displacement, and can also perform automatic control tests of constant velocity loading and constant velocity displacement. Floor-standing models, modeling and painting have fully considered the relevant principles of modern industrial design and ergonomics.


Test its tensile, tear, 90-degree peel strength, 180-degree peel strength, compression resistance, bending shear resistance, three-point bending resistance and other physical properties. For tearing performance test, other fixtures can be selected to realize various performance tests such as compression resistance, bending shear resistance, three-point bending resistance, 90-degree peel strength, and 180-degree peel strength. The machine can set the automatic save value. The microcomputer completes the automatic saving test value according to the set automatic saving value, and automatically calculates the average value. It is convenient to view the saved list and print its value.

Product parameters:

Capacity selection (kg) 500kg
Load resolution 1/10,000
Maximum stroke (without fixture) 1000mm
Test speed 30-300mm/min
Data sampling frequency 100Hz
Motor Stepping motor
Host size 490x380x186cm
Power supply AC220v can be country or designated
Unit switch Kgf,lbf,N,kN
Load accuracy ±1%
Speed input method Knob (ten turns)
Displacement resolution 0.001mm
Rotating lever Ball screw or ordinary screw
Machine weight 190kg
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