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High and low temperature tensile and pressure testing machine

It can meet the test requirements of thermal insulation aluminum profiles, mainly complete tensile and shear tests, and automatically obtain various material mechanical performance indicators such as tensile strength and force. Mainly used in aluminum processing, energy-saving monitoring and other industries.

The machine adopts a door frame structure. The loading speed is 0.05-500mm/min infinitely variable or arbitrarily set (optional customization). The tensile distance of the sample is detected by a photoelectric encoder; the servo motor and the ball screw without gap are loaded, which has the characteristics of uniform loading, stable, no impact phenomenon, and accurate detection data. Numerical display of various test parameters. Automatic shutdown when the sample is damaged. The addition of attachments can detect the bending, shearing, tearing strength of the material, etc.


The microcomputer-controlled high and low temperature testing machine for thermal insulation profiles (floor-standing) meets: GB/T16491-2008 "Electronic Testing Machine" and JJG475-1986 "Verification Regulations for Electronic Testing Machines"; GB/T228-2010 "Room temperature tensile of metal materials" Test", GB 5237.6-2004 Aluminum Alloy Building Profiles Part 6 Thermal Insulation Profiles; GB T 28289-2012 Aluminum Alloy Thermal Insulation Profiles Composite Performance Test; it mainly meets the tensile test requirements for aluminum alloys in the SONCAP certification requirements of aluminum profiles.



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