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IPX3.4 waterproof test chamber

This rain test equipment is a non-standard equipment, and the artificial rain test box is used for the protection of external lighting and signal devices and the shell of automobile lamps. It is a necessary test equipment in the fields of aerospace, automobile and motorcycle, electrical and electronics, home appliances, scientific research and other fields.

1. Self-protection, three voltage phase failures, phase sequence protection, to prevent the pump from reversing.

2. Time accumulator to prevent accidental interruption of the test and know the interruption time

3. Motor overload protection device

4. Equipment overcurrent protection device

5. With no fuse protection switch

6. When the temperature is too high or the water level is low, the warning light of the machine will indicate that the machine will automatically stop. If the fault is not eliminated, the machine cannot be turned on.

7. Water pressure overload protection switch

8. Pump overload protection switch

9. The motor is equipped with an overcurrent protector

10. Alarm buzzer

11. Chinese indication screen of fault point

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